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About company

What is Foodicine medical catering?

We are a socially responsible team that works to improve conditions for patients in public hospitals.

Our goal is to create a convenient food infrastructure in every medical institution in Ukraine.

Our company provides a full range of services for catering in Ukrainian health care institutions.

We work continuously to ensure patients can receive quality and delicious meals.


modernization of health care institutions


to be the most competitive medical outsourcing company in Ukraine

Values team Foodicine


It is important for us to work with responsible and proactive persons. We believe that honesty and empathy are qualities of professional people. We are inspired by colleagues with a thirst for knowledge and a passion to develop. Foodi Team is a company of brave, fair, tactful, open-minded people who do their work with dedication and humor.


The archetype of our brand is the creator, so we are constantly looking for new opportunities to get better results. In order to automate and optimize processes, we invest in innovative technologies. We constantly generate and implement new ideas that change the future of our country for the better.


We create products, processes and solutions that add value. It is important for us to always think about the customer, the patient, the community, as well as the employee and the team. The improvements we create with our services are based on internal energy and trust.


We do everything to get the best possible result. We are confident in our own abilities and ready to make serious commitments. We are ready to take responsibility for the market in which we work. The foundation of our leadership and excellence is concrete results, speed, and the courage to be first.

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Foodicine Achievements

Foodicine is one of the top 3 outsourcing companies in the field of therapeutic feeding of patients

achievement 7

Food production facilities

achievement 39

Customers in three regions

achievement 6

Years of successful experience

achievement 4 700

Fed patients daily

Foodicine services

Foodicine provides services in 4 directions


Goverment cateryng

  • Delivery once a day
  • Delivery three times a day
  • Delivery in thermal trays
  • Coordinate the distribution process
in detail

Individual nutrition for patients

  • Meals according to the diet
  • Menu variation
  • Delivery to the room
  • Consultation of a nutritionist
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Medical staff catering

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Each portion in a different package
  • Same day order
  • Free delivery to the office
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Eating points

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Buffets
  • Vending machines
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Koval Tanya

CEO Foodicine


Why did we decide to help?

Our way began with the idea of changing the system.

Having seen personally the problems faced by Ukrainians in state hospitals, we decided to improve conditions for patients in medical institutions.

Independently it is impossible to solve all painful questions, it is necessary to act gradually.

We started with patient nutrition in hospitals, because there are many problems in this sector, such as poor state funding, outdated equipment in kitchens, and lack of current knowledge among dietitians.

In order to eliminate these problems we initiated the creation of
Public Union " Academy of nutrition of patients”.

The community acts in the interests of patients of Ukrainian hospitals and is designed to be an instrument between society, healthcare institutions, executive authorities and operators of the medical catering market.

to join the Union

Команда Foodicine

A team of medical outsourcing experts

Foodicine partners

Suppliers and service providers

Lysoform Medical

Supplier of disinfectants


Dairy products supplier


Food supplier


Tea supplier

Loostdorf Ltd

Supplier of dairy products

Khlibni Investytsii

Supplier of bread and bakery products


Supplier of sausages


Chicken meat supplier


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Call us from 10:00 to 18:00 SAT-SUN weekend


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